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Share your experience :. Fertilizing tomatos and peppers
Most people plant tomatoes and peppers in individually prepared planting holes enriched with at least two spadefuls of compost or other rich form of organic matter. Both vegetables are sensitive to too much nitrogen. Overfed plants grow very large and leafy but may not produce many fruits.

Avoid this problem by using a Vegetable Food with timed-release fertilizer so that plants are fed gradually. Mix a teaspoon of fertilizer into the deepest part of the planting hole, beneath where the transplant will be planted, and scatter the rest on the soil around the plant.

Tomatoes and peppers develop strong lateral roots that will make use of these nutrients. Where summers are very long, fertilize again lightly in late summer to help support new fall growth. Mulching your tomatoes and peppers will control weeds and help insure that the plants have ample soil moisture.
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