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A faster evolutionary clock?
A discovery by scientists studying ancient DNA from Antarctic penguins may change our understanding of how fast the tree of life grew.
Adapt to climate change, report urges
Australians must be prepared to adapt to the impacts of hotter temperatures, drought, wild weather and bushfires, according to a new government report.
Adapt to climate change, report urges
Australians must be prepared to adapt to the impacts of hotter temperatures, drought, wild weather and bushfires, according to a new government report.
Africa Could Face Water Wars If Continent's Rivers Aren't Managed Better
African countries could face water wars if the power of their mighty rivers isn't properly harnessed and shared, Associated Press reports officials from across the continent said Tuesday.
Africa Vet's "House Calls" Aid Wild Cats, Film Reveals
Ulf Tubbesing is a pioneer veterinarian who works with wild animals in Africa. He makes "house calls" from his Namibian clinic, tending to the needs of the continent's wildest animals-and fighting to give them a sanctuary where they can recover and roam free.
African Air Base Loses Cheetah "Watchdog"
South African Air Force fighter pilots, and many a civilian aviator, too, would have been saddened by the recent death of Mpho, the cheetah...
Ancient "Jaws" discovered in Canada
What might be dubbed the original 'Jaws' - the world's oldest fossil of a toothed shark from Canada - has been found intact in a rare discovery that is expected to shed new light on the evolution of both teeth and sharks.
Ancient Amazon home to large "cities"
Brazil's northern Amazon region, once thought to have been pristine until the encroachment of modern development, actually hosted sophisticated networks of towns and villages hundreds of years ago, according to a new study by U.S. and Brazilian researchers.
Ancient Himalayan mountains even older
The world's highest mountains may be almost nine times older than previously believed, according to U.S. geologists.
Ancient mutant pollen out for the count
Conifer tree pollen from 250 million years ago show the same mutations as those of modern pines hit by fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster, a new study has found.
Ancient Wallaby Gene Discovered
A collaborative effort between researchers in Adelaide, Sydney, and America has uncovered an unorthodox gene in wallabies which may explain the puzzling mystery of how marsupials get access to oxygen while still embryos in the mother.
Anemone sperm caught on film
Anemone that host tropical fish have been photographed spawning for the first time in the world by an Australian researcher.
Animal Foundation:
The Animal Foundation is launching a holiday campaign dubbed "Home for the Holidays" in an assertive effort to adopt out at least 2,000 pets by the end of the year.
Animal magnetism helps give Kiki the all-clear
Kiki was rescued in the wild and delivered to Healesville Sanctuary three weeks ago. The injured koala's scan was performed at the Melbourne Veterinary Referral Centre on a "Vet MR" machine designed especially for animals.
Animal range clue to success in zoos
Animals that range freely over large distances in the wild - such as bears and elephants - are much more likely than other species to suffer from stress and behavioural problems in zoos, according to a new study.
Animal rescue: No limits for this little Angel
Pets available for adoption in Tracy, Canada. Help!
Animals increase in Uganda
The number of Mountain Gorillas has increased from 292 in 1995 to about 370 today. Elephants have increased from 550 in 1995 to 3,000 in 2004, buffaloes from 7,000 to 18,000, giraffes from 15 in 1995 to 320 todate and chimpanzee from 3,300 in 1997 to 4,495 in 2003.
Antarctic bugs could be new gold rush, UN
The hunt for Antarctic microbes and the technologies developed from them could turn into a 21st century gold rush without new international regulations, according to a UN report released today.
Antarctic vortex sends drought spiralling
An alarming interaction between ozone depletion and global warming may explain why Australia's southern cities and farms have lost 20% of their rainfall in the last 30 years.
Are Wild Jaguars Moving Back Into the U.S.?
In southern Arizona, just north of the U.S.-Mexico border, a heat-sensitive remote surveillance camera was recently triggered by a warm body.
Armed officials to board toothfish poacher
Armed South African officials were awaiting dawn today for another attempt to board a Uruguayan ship chased for 20 days through Antarctic seas on suspicion of poaching the rare Patagonian toothfish.
Armor-Plated Snail Discovered in Deep Sea
Researchers have found perhaps the world's most unusual snail. The as-yet-unnamed creature bears a mass of interlocking, iron-based plates on its body and the base of its foot. Like a suit of medieval armor, the snail may use its metal scales as a defense against predatory attack.
Asian Shark-Fin Trade May Be Larger Than Expected
Scientists analyzing trade statistics from Hong Kong's bustling dried seafood markets have found that the global shark fin trade may have been significantly underestimated...
Atmospheric Bromine, Which Attacks Ozone Layer, Is Decreasing
Researchers have discovered that total bromine in the lower atmosphere has been decreasing since 1998 and is now more than five percent below the peak reached that year.
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