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Pests may be a big problem, that's why you'd better know about it as much as possible and be able to take care of your lawn...
Sometimes you feel that there is something wrong with your lawn and there may be different reasons...
Autumn lawn care
Autumn is the perfect time to give your lawn a boost. Summer wear and tear can be easily repaired and a few simple steps will prepare it for the coming winter...
Fairy rings
Circles or arcs of lush green grass in spring or early summer. Depending on the fungus responsible the circle may be zoned with a middle zone of dead grass or 'thatch', particularly obvious in dry weather...
Laying turf
Few garden transformations could be simpler than laying a new lawn from turf. Good quality seed-raised turf simply unrolls like a carpet so it is quick to establish...
Mowing techniques
Mowing is one of the most frequent tasks carried out on lawns. Regular and correct mowing helps to create an attractive sward and is the most important lawncare operation...
Sowing a lawn
Sowing a lawn is a cheaper alternative to laying turf. Prepare the ground well and choose seed recommended for the conditions and usage, for example, heavy wear, shade, bowling green...
Spring and summer lawn care
You should take care of the grass very carefully during May - August, because it may lose its vigour and freshness...
Starting a new lawn
Spring is a good time to start a new lawn as it will quickly establish in the warm, moist soil...
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