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Combine Annuals and Perennials This Spring
Have you ever planted a rainbow? The colors you see in the sky after a rain are fleeting, but the hues in your garden can reflect their beauty for entire seasons, even years...
Drying Flowers
Long after the season for cut flowers has passed, dried versions of summer's bounty let you continue to enjoy color from your garden...
Everything You Wanted to Know About Bulbs
No other types of plants will give your garden more beauty, or a wider range of variety, color and flowering times than flowering bulbs...
Growing Roses the Natural Way
Was it for beautiful blooms? Perfect foliage? And what were the health consequences?
How To Establish A Wildflower Meadow
A meadow of mixed flowers and native grasses can replace your lawn, cover a slope, or enhance a roadside. Most meadows require much less water and fertilizer than lawns do, and they rarely need mowing...
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