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Lime-hating evergreen shrubs and small trees with usually large, glossy, mid- to dark green leaves...
Cedar Elm
It is a wonderful species choice for bonsai and like most elms, can survive quite a bit of neglect...
Chinese Elm
Chinese Elm are quite good plants to choose for beginners at bonsai - with a predictable growth pattern and being quite forgiving when pruned...
The Cotoneaster is a hardy, easy-to-grow plant, whose small, attractive leaves and flowers make it an excellent candidate for bonsai cultivation...
Dwarf Pomegranate
The Dwarf Pomegranate (Punica Granatum var. Nana) is a very popular and admired tree in bonsai - for both its fruiting and flowering qualities...
English Box (Buxus)
Buxus is a genus of about 70 species of evergreen shrubs and occasionally small trees found in habitats ranging from rocky hills to woodland in Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America...
The Ficus - or rainforest fig is a plant which is highly suited to bonsai treatment. Figs are mostly tropical plants, naturally growing wild in south-east Asian jungles...
Flowering Quince
The Flowering Quince (Chaenomeles) is a quite a spectacular plant in any form - and when used as bonsai material, is even more spectacular...
There are more than 8000 Fuchsia hybrids and cultivars available at present, many of which have potential for bonsai cultivation...
Fukien Tea (Carmona)
The Fukien Tea is a very attractive subject for bonsai, with shiny, oval, dark-green leaves against a grey-green trunk with white, slightly perfumed flowers which can appear all year round if given the right conditions...
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