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Painter-Explorers Turn Animals Into Artists
Like all great painters of nature, Olly Williams and Suzi Winstanley work best from life.
Passengers with pets want better service
A woman is demanding better service for rail passengers travelling with pets, after she was threatened with not being allowed on to a replacement coach with her dog.
Passport For Jet-Setting Pets
EL AL, Israel's national airline, now offers a passport for pets who fly from the U.S.A to Israel on the airline
People, help pets!
Alaska. This week is National Animal Shelter Appreciation week so, today Anchorage Animal Control held an open house to give the community a chance to see what they do.
Perfect cruising, whether you're a fish or bird
The movements of swimming fish and flapping birds are remarkably similar despite great differences in their bodies and physical environments, in a surprise finding which could be used to design futuristic flying machines.
Pesticide study fuels GM risk debate
Some GM crops are associated with potentially harmful increases in pesticide use, according to Greenpeace.
Pesticide study fuels GM risk debate
Pesticide study fuels GM risk debate. And it says the Australian gene regulator is failing to assess the risk of pesticide use associated with herbicide tolerant (HT) crops.
Pet bullmastiff dog savages girl
Great Britain. A family's bullmastiff dog is to be put down after a 13-year-old girl was savaged leaving her with serious neck and throat injuries.
Pet ownership and health: the bad news
Stressing about your dog barking at the neighbours or your cat tearing up the couch might increase your blood pressure, suggests a new Australian study, challenging previous evidence that owning a pet lowers blood pressure.
Pets come to the rescue
Under a new surveillance system developed at Purdue University, pets may provide early warning of an impending epidemic of dangerous diseases such as SARS or avian flu - or even alert us to a bioterror threat.
Pets: Turtles Trained for Bond Agents
The Russian army of secret agents will enlarge with new fill-ins promising to be even better than their human colleagues
Physics Plucks Secret of Peacock Feather Colors
The peacock is one of the natural world's most elaborate and showy males, mustering its physical resources to wow potential mates with its enormous and gaudy, fan-like tail plumage. Now scientists in China have uncovered the exact mechanisms used by one species to produce the iridescent green, blue, yellow, and brown tiny feather tips that comprise the bird's distinctive ornament.
Plants move to the beat of the rising sun
Leaves move and flowers open in a rhythmic dance that changes according to a plant's latitude, say U.S. researchers.
Polar Worms May Warn of Global Warming, Experts Say
In the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica, worms are the most sophisticated life-forms around. The valleys are so cold, arid and bleak that they are used to simulate conditions on Mars. No plants, birds or insects survive there. But beneath the rocky, frozen polar soil dwell microscopic worms called nematodes that may be harbingers of the effects of climate change throughout the world.
Police dog helps capture 8 criminals
NANJING: A police dog became the hero of Tiexinqiao Police Station in Nanjing, capital of East China's Jiangsu Province yesterday.
Predict global climate from your desktop
The power of millions of personal home computers around the world is being harnessed to help forecast the climate for the 21st Century and improve models of global climate change.
Protest over sonar risk to whales and dolphins
An environment group is considering going to court to stop the US Navy from using a new sonar system that could harm whales and other marine mammals.
Puffer fish toxin dulls the pain
Puffer fish toxin, a substance more toxic than cyanide, is being tested to see if it can act as a painkiller.
Puffer fish toxin dulls the pain
Puffer fish toxin, a substance more toxic than cyanide, is being tested to see if it can act as a painkiller.
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