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Salmon Farm Escapees Threaten Wild Salmon Stocks
A recent study in Norway suggests that wild salmon lose out to sexually precocious fish-farm invaders when breeding in rivers. It's the first time scientists have shown that escapees from salmon farms can out-compete native populations, heightening fears conservationists have for the future of wild stocks.
SARS Scapegoat? China Slaughtering Civet Cats
After a new case of Severe Acute Respiratory Disease, SARS, was confirmed in China earlier this week, officials there ordered the widespread culling of civets, weasel-like mammals that have been linked to the transmission of the virus.
Scientists Rethinking Nature of Animal Memory
Scientists have long believed that animals do not have so-called episodic memory-the kind that allows humans to remember past events...
Seals can tell friend from foe
Seals off the Pacific coast of North America have learnt the calls of whales that will not harm them, so they don't waste time fleeing unnecessarily, Scottish and Canadian researchers have found.
Seastar threat grows
A marine invader that has 10 testes and will eat anything from sea squirts to dead human bodies is expanding its range in Australia - threatening to destroy commercial shellfish industries and wreaking environmental havoc.
Secrets of the silkworm revealed
The mystery of how silkworms manage to spin their silky fibres has been unravelled by U.S. researchers, bringing the engineering of new artificial silks a step closer...
Secrets of the silkworm revealed
The mystery of how silkworms manage to spin their silky fibres has been unravelled by U.S. researchers, bringing the engineering of new artificial silks a step closer.
Shark teeth fossils for sale
Fossilised teeth from the largest shark to roam the oceans are on sale in the French Pacific island of New Caledonia.
Sheep virus may creep further south
New strains of the bluetongue virus, which may spread through Australia's cattle and sheep populations, have been picked up by a disease monitoring program.
Shipboard pests get sterile treatment
Trials have begun on a new water sterilisation system for destroying the exotic marine species that hitchhike to Australia in ships' ballast water and cause environmental devastation.
Sleazy floral nightclub lures beetles
When South American scarab beetles want a hot date they head for a bizarre flower that offers a steamy nightclub atmosphere, according to a new study.
Small worms hold secret of youth
Scientists have found a drug that increases the normal lifespan of the nematode worm, paving the way for a drug to stop ageing.
Smells trigger memory for hungry bees
Smells remind bees of where they once had a great meal, according to Australian research.
Smelly flower plays rotten trick on flies
A Mediterranean flower so accurately mimics the stench of rotting flesh that it lures flies to lay their eggs on it, thereby tricking them into acting as pollinators, Swedish scientists have discovered.
Solomons welcomes environmentalists to check health of dolphins
Representatives from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature have began checking on the health of dolphins held in captivity by Solomon Islands.
Spain Bids Farewell to World's Only Albino Gorilla
MADRID - Spain on Monday bade farewell to the world's only known albino gorilla, Snowflake, a national favorite who died after a long struggle with skin cancer.
Spider cleared of causing flesh-eating ulcer
The white-tail spider, whose bite has been blamed for cases of flesh-eating ulcers for decades, has been declared innocent following methodical Australian research...
Stone the clever crows
The New Caledonian crow has surprised English researchers with its tool-making skills.
Stress Brings Out Man in Hermaphrodites, Study Says
Biologists already know that plants sporting flowers of both sexes focus on their masculine attributes during times of stress.
Stress induces 'maleness' in animals
It seems being a man is easier than being a woman, if the behaviour of stressed hermaphrodite animals is any indicator, Welsh researchers have discovered.
Suspected toothfish poachers nabbed
Australia's longest maritime chase through freezing Antarctic seas finally ended yesterday in the South Atlantic where armed officers boarded a Uruguayan-flagged fishing trawler and began escorting it back to Australia...
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