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Ash trees
Ash trees are any member of Genus Fraxinus, comprising about 70 species of mostly northern temperate trees and shrubs, valued for timber and ornament.
Birch Trees
Birch trees, common name for a family of woody trees of the Genus Betula, are trees that produce separate, abundant, tiny male and female flowers in dense clusters.
Cedar Trees
Cedar trees belong to the pine family, the members of which have needlelike leaves and, like all conifers, bear their seeds on scales clustered into cones.
Conifer Trees
Conifer trees are characterized by seed-bearing cones. Conifers are known from fossils more than 290 million years old.
Deciduous Trees
Deciduous trees are those tree species that lose all of their leaves and are barren for a part of the year.
Dogwood Trees
Dogwood trees are from the Genus Cornus and dogwoods are mostly trees with simple, opposite leaves.
Evergreen Trees
Evergreen trees retain some or all of their foliage throughout the year, growing new leaves before the old ones fall off. There exist both needle-bearing and broadleaf evergreens.
Flowering Trees
Any tree that produces a flower can be classified as a flowering tree. There are many flowering species, creating an assortment of beautiful colors and types of flowers.
Maple Trees
Maple, common name for a small family of trees from the Genus Acer, are widespread in the temperate areas of the northern hemisphere.
Oak Trees
Oak trees make up the Genus Quercus. They are hardwood trees that are widespread in the North Temperate Zone.
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