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Ash trees are any member of Genus Fraxinus, comprising about 70 species of mostly northern temperate trees and shrubs, valued for timber and ornament. Characteristic of the group are the small, inconspicuous greenish flowers, usually borne in clusters with or without sepals and petals. These appear in early spring and produce dry, single-winged fruits called samaras.

The finely toothed leaves are opposite on the stems and are compound, bearing an odd number of leaflets. The white, or American, ash, European ash, and Siebold ash of Asia are particularly valuable sources of woods used in cabinetry. The flowering, or manna, ash, notable for its long petals, is cultivated in Mediterranean regions for its sweet gum. 

In North America, ashes have been subject for several years to a disease that usually kills a stricken tree in ten years. No preventative has yet been found for the disease, which may possibly be caused by a leafhopper-borne mycoplasma.


Types of Ash Trees

Autumn Purple Ash

Cimarron Ash

Green Ash

Patmore Ash

White Ash



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