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Oak trees make up the Genus Quercus. They are hardwood trees that are widespread in the North Temperate Zone. Oak trees have clustered flowers, but they are easily recognized by their distinctive fruit, the acorn. They grow in a variety of habitats, from seacoasts to high mountain slopes and from wet lowlands to high, dry mesas. 


Flowering occurs in the spring, before the new leaves appear, and large quantities of pollen are shed into the wind. The trees may be deciduous (losing their leaves in the fall) or evergreen.




Types of Oak Trees


Black Oak

Bur Oak

Cherry Bark Oak

Chestnut Oak

Chinkapin Oak

Columnar English Oak

Eastern Red Oak

Gobbler Sawtooth Oak

Nuttail Oak

Overcup Oak

Pin Oak


Post Oak

Sawtooth Oak

Scarlet Oak

Shumard Oak

Southern Red Oak

Swamp Oak

Texana Nuttail Oak

Water Oak

White Oak

Willow Oak


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