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Deciduous trees are those tree species that lose all of their leaves and are barren for a part of the year. They are classified into types such as oak, birch, and maple based upon seed structure, although the shape of the leaves and pollen and the appearance of the bark is also taken into account.



Types of Deciduous Trees

Amur Maple
Ann Magnolia
Aristocrat Flowering Pear
Autumn Blaze Red Maple
Autumn Flame Red Maple
Autumn Olive
Autumn Purple Ash
Bald Cypress
Bitternut Hickory
Black Cherry
Black Gum
Black Locust
Black Oak
Black Walnut
Black Willow
Bloodgood London Planetree
Box elder
Bradford Flowering Pear
Bur Oak
Butterfly Bush
Canada Red Cherry
Chanticleer Flowering Pear
Cherokee Chief Red

Flowering Dogwood
Cherokee Princess White

Flowering Dogwood
Cherokee Sweetgum Tree
Cherry Bark Oak
Chestnut Oak
Chickasaw Plum
Chinese Chestnut
Chinese Elm
Chinese Pistache
Chinkapin Oak
Cimarron Ash
Cleveland Select Flowering Pear
Columnar English Oak
Common Purple Lilac
Contorted Willow
Dawn Redwood
Dura-Heat River Birch
Dwarf Red Buckeye
Eastern Red Oak
Eastern Redbud
European Horse Chestnut
Forest Pansy

Fragrant Honeysuckle
Gobbler Sawtooth Oak
Golden Raintree
Green Ash
Hardy Pecan
Heritage River Birch
Hybrid Willow
Ironwood Tree
Ivory Silk Lilac Tree
Jane Magnolia
Kentucky Coffee Tree
Kousa Dogwood
Kwanzan Flowering Cherry
Lacebark Elm
Lombardy Poplar
Mimosa Tree
Mockernut Hickery
Native Plum
Northern Catalpa
Northern Red Oak
Nuttail Oak
October Glory Red Maple
Ohio Buckeye
Okame Flowering Cherry
Oklahoma Redbud
Osage Orange
Overcup Oak
Patmore Ash
Paw Paw
Pignut Hickory
Pin Oak
Pink Flowering Dogwood
Pond Cypress
Poplar Hybrid
Post Oak
Prairiefire Crabapple
Red Bud
Red Maple
Red Sunset Red Maple
Redspire Flowering Pear
River Birch
Russian Olive

Sargent Crabapple
Sassafras Tree
Sawtooth Oak
Scarlet Oak
Shademaster Honey Locust
Shagbark Hickory
Shellbark Hickory
Shumard Oak
Siberian Elm
Silver Maple
Siouxland Cottonles Cottonwood
Snow Goose Flowering Cherry
Southern Crabapple
Southern Red Oak
Sugar Maple
Sunburst Golden Honey Locust
Swamp Chestnut
Swamp Oak
Sweet Gum
Sweetbay or Swamp Magnolia
Texana Nuttail Oak
Texas Whitebud
Thornless Honeylocust
Tulip Poplar
Tulip Tree
Washington Hawthorne
Water Oak
Weeping Higan Cherry
Weeping Willow
White Ash
White Flowering Dogwood
White Oak
White Walnut
Willow Oak
Yellow Buckeye
Yoshino Cherry
Zumi Crabtree

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