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Algae in Pools
As well as looking unsightly, excessive algal growth, encouraged by surplus nutrients, can lead to de-oxygenation of water with a consequent detrimental effect on aquatic life...
Planting Water Plants
In smaller ponds, aquatic plants benefit from being grown in containers as this prevents them becoming too large or invasive...
Pond cleaning
Smaller ponds may need cleaning out every four to five years, larger ponds after 10 years...
Ponds - preventing from freezing
Gases such as methane and hydrogen sulphide that result from the decomposition of decaying plant material are poisonous to fish if levels build up. This occurs in winter if the pond freezes over, trapping gases under the surface...
Water plant propagation
Plants with fibrous or creeping roots, such as sedges and reeds, may be divided in spring by levering apart the roots...
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