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[05.12.2005] Killer squirrel pack guts dog
A pack of Russian black squirrels is reported to have piled into a dog mob-handed, bitten it to death and then eviscerated the unfortunate animal after it ill-advisedly barked at them
[05.12.2005] Passengers with pets want better service
A woman is demanding better service for rail passengers travelling with pets, after she was threatened with not being allowed on to a replacement coach with her dog.
[05.12.2005] Table foods hazardous to pets
If you have a pet, you know that they can, at will, instantly orchestrate an Oscar-worthy tableside begging performance complete with pleading eyes, tap dancing feet, lip licking and tail wagging.
[03.12.2005] Call to Save 'Baby' Ends With Cat Rescue
HOUSTON - Many people treat their pets like children, but a woman is in legal trouble after calling 911 and claiming that her "baby," which turned out to be a cat named Baby, was stuck in the sewer.
[03.12.2005] Dog parade planned for today
The Humane Society of Searcy (HSS) invites you to our first annual Holiday Dog Parade, Saturday, December 3 at the Downtown Holiday of Lights Festival
[03.12.2005] Dog 'mauled transplant woman as it woke her after drug overdose'
THE recipient of the world's first face transplant may have suffered her injuries when her dog tried to rouse her after she had taken a suicidal drug overdose, it emerged yesterday
[03.12.2005] Exhibit explores relationship between Americans and their pets
"Pets in America: The Story of Our Lives with Animals at Home" officially opens to the public Saturday at the University of South Carolina's McKissick Museum. The exhibit will be on display at McKissick through April 22 and then travel to several other cities nationwide
[03.12.2005] Rampaging dogs kill Concord family's pets
CONCORD - Two dogs that may have been pit bulls attacked and killed at least two cats, a goat and a pet rabbit on Claycord Avenue early Friday.
[30.11.2005] Cat allergen's effects may linger
Exposure to cat dander can impair lung function in people with asthma for up to 22 hours, according to a new study.
[30.11.2005] Police dog helps capture 8 criminals
NANJING: A police dog became the hero of Tiexinqiao Police Station in Nanjing, capital of East China's Jiangsu Province yesterday.
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