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 Veterinary medicine 
Diseases of cats
By learning about the various illnesses that affect cats, you can help minimize your pet's risk of suffering from potential deadly health problems...
Diseases of dogs
Dogs get sick from parasites, viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and fungus. In some cases, these diseases and infestations are fatal unless caught early and treated. Sometimes they sow the seeds of death or debilitation years down the road by causing chronic illness or damaging organs...
Diseases of fishes
There are literally hundreds of afflictions that can effect the health of your fish. Only the most common of these afflictions are listed here. There are several precautions which can be taken to reduce the possibility of disease and keep it from spreading if it does occur...
Diseases of horses
Articles and discussions on diseases, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of equines and horses...
Pets passing diseases to us
Pets can pass diseases to us as well, and not only bird flu
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