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Horse behaviour
One of the most interesting and most difficult aspects of horsemanship is learning to understand our horses and relate to them on horse terms...
Horse breeding
Horses traditionally have the lowest reproductive efficiency of all species of domestic livestock. Some knowledge of the reproductive physiologies of the mare and stallion is necessary to achieve success at breeding mares...
Horse breeds
Here you can find detailed information and descriptions of the many horses breeds...
Horse feeding
When we confine horses and feed them relatively large amounts according to our schedules, we have to be very careful with what and how we feed. The amount of food your horse needs varies according to activity, age, breed, weather, quality of feed, quality of shelter, condition of teeth, etc...
Horse health and care
Horses, being prey animals, don't normally make any sounds to show they hurt. Prey animals living in the wild don't want to let predators know when they're weak. What is an advantage for a wild animal is a disadvantage for a domestic one...
Horse horoscope
Can we predict horses behavior according to horoscope? Why not?
Horse training
Training of the young foals starts with teaching how to lead. They are touched everywhere and taught to respect humans without fear...
How to buy a horse
Before you decide to buy a horse, there are a couple of things to consider. First, are you ready for a horse of your own. Secondly, can you afford to own a horse in terms of both money and time...
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